Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What's on my easel

I just started this today.  My husband Scott doodling around in the garden.  I started this painting in pastels about a year ago and just could not make it work.  The colors got muddy and I used up all the tooth in the paper right away.  I love what others can do with pastels, but for me, nothing beats the great saturation of colors you get with oils.  Having started over, I'm excited about it again.  The blue flower pot he's holding there is underpainted - it'll be terra cotta when this painting grows up.


  1. Really great beginnings...Do you under paint in complimentary colors often? I just started doing that and it makes such a difference.

    What do you draw the picture on with?

  2. I never used underpainting really before the cat painting but I loved the results on that one. I'm too impatient to do the whole thing twice. But I think I'll use it in places in this one. Are you using underpainting A lot now?
    I drew him in with a light blue watercolor pencil. I found when I used Prismacolor, it acted like a wax resist.

  3. I have only used undercoatings for a few things because I am impatient also but I am committed to try. I usually tone my canvases in a warm orange or red and I like the bits that peek through. I have been toning my larger canvases but don't tone the daily painting boards. Love finding out how other people work!

  4. Love to see the work in progress! So fun to see it come out from the canvas!

    I have been able to start anything today. I'll post as soon as I have something new going.

  5. Looks like you have a great start, Terri! I am looking forward to seeing your progress.
    Nothing from me, at least for a little while. I am having computer problems and busy with that. I love computers .... no, I hate them ...... no I love them!!! UGH!

    1. I feel your pain Linda! It's like being in a complicated relationship you don't quite understand but desperately need.


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