Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Hilton Head Gang invades Sedona Arts Center...

As already anounced, the Hilton Head Gang - almost as a whole - have sent in their entries for the Sedona Arts Center Show, "A Sense Of Place", that opened on January 25th and will run through to February 14th.

If you're anywhere near Sedona, AZ (at least on the same continent!) go there and enjoy the impressions we gathered from Hilton Head Island and our workshop with Karin Jurick!

But for those that cannot experience this visually enchanting show, here are our entries!

Click on the artist's name below each painting to go to their blog for further information, to purchase the painting and to browse more art!

"Diggin it"

"Cookie's Evening Walk"

by Chris Werst

by Terri Buchholz

 "December Beachwalkers"
"Sea Gazers"


"Water Dancer"

"Day Dreamers"
by Linda Nickles

"Boy on Beach"
by Linda Popple

 "The Cell Phone Patriot"
by Judy Elias

"Hot Gossip"

"Sitting in the Sun"
by Sheryl Lott


 "Shiny Butt"
by Betsy Stevenson


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Joe!

    Another amazing artist you all would appreciate is Joseph Raffael, who works mostly in watercolor.  His paintings veritably EXPLODE with color.  Hope you enjoy! 


YES! I'm 'Real'!

After a few missteps, I am finally able to post.  I promise to try not to talk too much.  But have you guys seen THIS artist's work?  David Shevlino.  I just got his DVD - LOVE it. :)  Love you guys, too...

Kelley Mac

One of my favorit artists...

... would definitely have to be Joseph Lorusso! I was lucky enough to take a workshop with Joe two years ago and he is not only a great artist but also the nicest and most modest guy you can imagine!
I love (or would that be l-u-r-v-e ?) his paintings, the color pallet and the slightly illustrative quality. But what really catches me every time is how his paintings are telling a story. You look at the old man drinking his coffee or the young couple in a restaurant and just wonder who they are, what their story is...

Not unlike with Karin's paintings....

To view Joseph Lorusso's website click HERE.
To view my blog click HERE.

btw: Great idea, Dawn!


Dawn Hartigan suggested in her last post that we look at some of our favorite artists.  Good grief!!  For me there are sooo many that I could name and listing them all at once would be difficult and I would surely leave someone out.  So, I will start with one artist that I think you will find interesting.  Her name is    Kathryn Tyrrell and her blog is Making a Mark.  She writes about art, artists, blogging, just everything that has to do with art.  From this blog you can scroll down the side and click on her other blogs.  She is an amazing artist, too.  You will learn so much from her and enjoy every minute of it!
To view Making A Mark click HERE.
To view my blog click HERE.

Share a favorite artist's website

Let's share a favorites artist's blog or website. Someone we thin the rest of the gang might not know about.
I'm going to share about Susan Abbott. Kit and I took her workshop in Vermont this summer. It was all plein air painting. I loved it. She has a extensive knowledge in color and art history. The time we spent in her studio was used for explaining concepts and then looking art art that backed up those concepts. Here's her one of her website:

Check out her Dream Paintings. I LOVE these.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sedona Arts Center Show "A Sense of Place"

Karin Jurick's workshop class from Hilton Head has sent in our paintings from (really) around the world, to hang together at the Sedona Arts Center Show, "A Sense Of Place", opening TODAY.  So if you are in the area, We promise you a visually enchanting experience, should you be able to visit!  The Hilton Head Gang have entered, almost as a whole.  And we are a Force to be reckoned  with!  Our esteemed gang member from Switzerland Regula Sheifele made this beautiful sign for us!
Hey I think I found the hideout of the Hilton Head Gang??

It worked!

Yeah! - first test post on the HHG-Blog!
(I'll delete it again, just wanted to give you a shout-out!)