Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Hilton Head Gang invades Sedona Arts Center...

As already anounced, the Hilton Head Gang - almost as a whole - have sent in their entries for the Sedona Arts Center Show, "A Sense Of Place", that opened on January 25th and will run through to February 14th.

If you're anywhere near Sedona, AZ (at least on the same continent!) go there and enjoy the impressions we gathered from Hilton Head Island and our workshop with Karin Jurick!

But for those that cannot experience this visually enchanting show, here are our entries!

Click on the artist's name below each painting to go to their blog for further information, to purchase the painting and to browse more art!

"Diggin it"

"Cookie's Evening Walk"

by Chris Werst

by Terri Buchholz

 "December Beachwalkers"
"Sea Gazers"


"Water Dancer"

"Day Dreamers"
by Linda Nickles

"Boy on Beach"
by Linda Popple

 "The Cell Phone Patriot"
by Judy Elias

"Hot Gossip"

"Sitting in the Sun"
by Sheryl Lott


 "Shiny Butt"
by Betsy Stevenson



  1. All our paintings look great. I'm getting excited to be heading out to Arizona in a few days. Good luck everyone!

  2. I love how they all look together! Such a pleasure to see all those ocean and sunshine moments again! Bring us good reports Linda and Chris!

  3. I LOVED getting up this morning and seeing this FABULOUS post! The show is going to be great and I am so glad we will have proper representation at the facility! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  4. This does look FABULOUS! So proud of our group of felons.

  5. You guys ROCK!!!!!! ( And I am NOT prejudiced!) We learned a lot in the prison walls of Hilton Head!! :-)


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