Saturday, January 28, 2012


Dawn Hartigan suggested in her last post that we look at some of our favorite artists.  Good grief!!  For me there are sooo many that I could name and listing them all at once would be difficult and I would surely leave someone out.  So, I will start with one artist that I think you will find interesting.  Her name is    Kathryn Tyrrell and her blog is Making a Mark.  She writes about art, artists, blogging, just everything that has to do with art.  From this blog you can scroll down the side and click on her other blogs.  She is an amazing artist, too.  You will learn so much from her and enjoy every minute of it!
To view Making A Mark click HERE.
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  1. I love Kathryn's blog as well! I 'met' her online in 2006 on when she was participating in the colored pencil forum. Her blog is THE source of information for every artist. AND she's in England, so the exhibitions she's writing about would be kind of accessible for me... ;-)

  2. I follow her blog much good information and I love her "best of" lists at the end of the year.


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