Monday, February 6, 2012

Sedona Arts Center "Sense of Place" show

Just got back from Arizona. I was able to spend some time with my sister at the Celebration of Fine Art. I met some incredible artists and am so humbled right now. This picture shows a slice of her booth at CFA. You can see more of her work at
Then on Friday we rented a fun orange hamster car ("every day I'm shuffling...") and headed to Sedona to the Sedona Arts Center "Sense of Place" show. We got in Sedona early so we did some gallery, jewelry store hopping. Searching for the perfect fun turquoise. Here is our ride...

Arrived at the Sedona Arts Center shortly after 5:00 and grabbed these photos of our display. There was a steady stream of art lovers checking out our paintings the whole time I was there. 20 out of the 38 paintings hanging were from Karin's workshops. They looked great! It was a great experience and I was proud to be there, and proud to be a part of the HHI group. I met up with Linda Nickles there. We were the only two with cameras in our hands! ha! I'll try to post a photo of us together. 

"Sunnyside Up" by Karin Jurick

"Hot Gossip" by Jennifer Koach,
"The Cell Phone Patriot" by Judy Elias
by Roxanne Duke,
"Bamboozled" by Terri Buchholz,
"Sitting in the Sun" by Sheryl Lott, 
"Water Dancer" by Kelley MacDonald

"December Beachwalkers" by NJ Darling,
 "Cookie's Evening Walk"
by Regula Scheifele,
"Shiny Butt" by Betsy Stevenson,
"Diggin it" by Maria Hock
"Relaxing" by Chris Werst,
"Look!" by Dawn Hartigan
"Sea Gazers" by Cathy Engberg

"Plunging In" by Vince Fazio"Boy on Beach" by Linda Popple

"Outside the Guggenheim" by Nancy Colella
"New York Vendor" by Pat Baldino,
"Pondering" by Sherrie Hilliard
"Day Dreamers" by Linda Nickles


  1. I love it! What a great post! The show looks fabulous. I cannot thank you enough for taking all the pictures.

  2. Wonderful post! - so great to see the photos on our HHG blog. Thanks for posting, Cathy.
    The displays look really impressive, it's such a joy to have a group show with all you guys!
    AND of course I just got a little homesick for Arizona... wish I could just have beamed over to the Celebratio tent. Had such a great time there with my friends and all the other artist the last to years. So if anybody's got a chance to go there: do it!
    Cathy, I also remember your sister's work from last year.

  3. It looks great. I am so proud of all of us. I appreciate the encouragement and support from an exceptional group of artists like you all. thanks to our inhouse reporter, Cathy, for posting.

  4. Congratulations Linda and the other members of the HH Gang. Don't you just love Sedona?
    Also, love the hamster and your sister's work is FABULOUS!!


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