Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Goals?  Very good question, Jennifer.  I've had some vague thoughts about goals for this year and with your question and others in our group taking this question and putting their ideas into specifics I have taken my thoughts more seriously.  I've kept my intentions private in the past.  With goals kept within my own mind, I would not risk anyone knowing of failures.  Therefor, this is not an easy task for me.  I suppose it is time to share, with hopes that 2012 will hold success.

1.  Continue with strong conviction to improve
2.  Enter at least 3 shows
3.  Continue with mug shots until the number of 100 is reached
4.  Learn to frame
5.  Learn more about plein air and participate in painting outside

Now, of course, I will have to post these goals in the studio in order to keep them front and center.  It's very easy to let other things get in the way and/or to just simply forget.  

Thanks, HHG!!  This is certainly going to be a year of growing for each of us!


  1. I know what you mean about keeping goals private...it is so hard to write them down. that is why when Kelley told me to I was taken aback...but I did it and it makes it so real AND attainable. Your goals sound wonderful...of course I always want to paint in climate controlled comfort...but bravo for you to do the plain air thing...I admire those who do!

  2. Linda, these look good. Judy (HHG Judy) sent me a great handout on plein air painting. Maybe she could post it her or send it to you. I started in my backyard. I know that sounds weird but it really does take some getting used to. You have to come up with a set up you like - and can manage by yourself. Next I met Kit and we started to go out to local parks and such together. Then last summer we took two plein air workshops. One for 5 days in Vermont with Susan Abbott, and one for 3 days with LIz Wiltzen in Maine.
    Now I know I could go alone - but a buddy is always more fun. I'll take a picture of my set up and post it here. Check out Liz Wiltzen blog to see the challenge she did of 100 plien air paintings in 100 days http://lizwiltzen.blogspot.com/ it's under popular posts.

  3. Hello All,

    Please listen to this TED talk on sharing your goals. It is actually better not to share your end goal.You can share the steps. If you are not familar with the TED talks I encourage you to go there and listen to a few on topics of interest. They are short ...either 20 minutes or 6 minutes. The one I have attached is 6 minutes. Take care, Chris Werst


  4. Like your group blog. Interesting questions and insights. Thanks


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