Monday, July 16, 2012

On my easel right now

I love posts of what is on your easel so I thought I would jump in with my latest...

My little ballerinas visited last weekend and I took lots of source photos!  I love this one of little Lucy sitting on the stairs all tuckered out from dancing.  I love her hand up on the rail and body position.

I have to fix her angled leg and then add in the darks and lights and really punch up that favorite part.  It is a 16 x 20 on ray mar panel.  


  1. ooooo I love this one too! It might be my favorite! Nice!

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  3. After posting I noticed an issue with the legs so I adjusted. I do like the composition so we will see how it goes.

    Thanks for the kind words. I always get so excited...then not sure...then frustrated and then hopefully excited again!!!

  4. I agree. Good composition. This one is going to be fun. Don't forget to post the final product.


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