Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where I Live - Rhode Island

This painting was from a photo taken from my front porch.  I live on the Sakonnet River in Rhode Island, and I could just sit, mesmerized by the boats going back and forth.  The time of day is when the sun is sinking below Aquidneck Island (where Newport is), leaving the sky orangey-pink, my favorite time...
Kelley MacDonald


  1. The light in this one is just gorgeous, Kelley. The sail just shimmers! Really nice!

  2. Love this! I cannot imagine being able to see this beautiful view every day! I love the color in the sky and the way the sail just seems to cut through it all as it dominates and sails across the canvas. just love it!

  3. Thanks LInda, thanks Maria! Maria we joke that the only good thing about our house is the view - and so we stay! It's a money pit with a view. And unlike sensible people, we just look OUT of the house....

  4. Love this. I want to come see you. Painting has atmosphere.


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